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Nyotalia x Male!Reader: Crazy Saturday!
Hey everyone~! This is my first time writing about the Nyotalia characters and Reader-kun Insert. I have my own series of another Reader-Insert that’s still on-going, and this one you’re reading right now is for Readertalia’s contest!
Okay! Before we begin, to those who don’t know the human names of these lovely ladies:
Felicia Vargas [North Italy], Lovina Vargas [S. Italy], Sakura Honda [Japan], Monika Beilschmidt [Germany], Maria Beilschmidt [Prussia], Amelia Jones [America], Alice Kirkland [England], Francine Bonnefoy [France], Madeline Williams [Canada], Anya Braginski [Russia], Wang Chun-Yan [China], and YOU! [_____-kun]
You are all High School students here btw~ ;)                                
:iconjaxaugust:JaxAugust 273 126
Ruby's smile :iconndgd:NDGD 907 34
Mature content
Secrets - Male reader x Ruby Rose :iconnsjv19:NSJV19 31 29
A Rose,By Any Other Name-A Ruby X Reader Story-Ch1 :iconrwby-stories:RWBY-stories 20 0 Bunny Love - A Velvet X Reader Story - Chapter 7B :iconrwby-stories:RWBY-stories 9 4 Raven :iconabz-j-harding:Abz-J-Harding 518 7
(Request) RWBY: Velvet X M!Reader Ch.1
Qrow rescued you from the nightmare your life had become and took you to meet his allies. He led you to a large air ship and introduced you to General Ironwood, Glynda Goodwitch and Ozpin.
“Hey guys, checkout the souvenir I picked up.” Qrow said bursting through the door and dragging you in.
“Qrow, what is this? Who is this child?” Ironwood asked, ready to blame Qrow for some mistake.
“Calm down General.” He said placing his hand on Ironwoods shoulder. “I can tell just by looking at him. This kids got some serious power.” Qrow flaunted as he took out his flask for a drink.
“He looks like he’s sick.” Glynda said taking a few steps towards you.
“He looks like a grimm.” Ozpin said from behind a desk.
“Yeah well, you’re not wrong. Maybe you should explain it to them, (___).” Qrow said looking over to you
You didn’t know what to say or do in this situation. For the last few years you were t
:icontaga-kun:Taga-kun 75 17
Kyuubi :iconmattbarley:MattBarley 4,093 123
First day of the school year. Or, as Madeline Williams liked to call it, the first day of 180 days of torture. Her first two classes were the same; teacher walks in, over looks her during the role call until she stands up and waves her hands frantically to get their attention, then spends the rest of the class dodging paper balls, erasers, pencils, and pretty much anything else the resident bullies could pull out of their backpacks until the bell rings and she rushes out as quickly as possible. And she knew that she would just repeat the whole procedure in her third period History class too.
'Why do I even bother?' she thought to herself 'Maybe I should just ask dad about online schooling.'
She walked into her history class early, about three minutes before the late bell rang. She took a seat on the far side of the room, right alongside the windows. She looked towards the front of the room and noticed that the teacher wasn't at
:iconmaniac19:maniac19 198 12
Lover and Saviour ~ Batgirl x Male Reader OneShot
(Y/n)=Your name.
(L/n)=Last name.
(e/c)=eye colour.
(h/c)=hair colour.
=== Gotham City Library, Mid Afternoon ===
A bright and sunny Friday afternoon cast itself on the city of Gotham. Inside the city's library, a young redheaded woman was hard at work shelving the new books that had arrived earlier that same day. She picked up another book from the nearby book trolley, her blue irises hidden behind her glasses quickly find the book's spine, upon mentally noting it's title and the author's name she shelves it accordingly.
As she placed the last of the newly arrived science journals in it's place on the shelf, a smile appeared on her lips as she admired her handiwork, having spent nearly two and a half hours shelving. She then looks back to the book trolley and sees that there aren't any books left, next she looks to her watch and sees that her shift is coming to an end in about twenty minutes, her smile grows, knowing that she has plans with someone very special. Her boyfriend of f
:iconvanguardoffire:VanguardofFire 135 36
Mature content
Rules (Jedi Ruby X Jedi Male Reader) :iconignoblefiend:IgnobleFiend 35 17
:Sensei: :iconabz-j-harding:Abz-J-Harding 2,520 145
Commander pet Ruby X Male Reader
(First Name) was now a member of team RWBY, best tank team in the RKU army. Life was pretty for now as you walked with Ruby to get a ‘special supply.’
You: Cookies?
Ruby: Yup.
Supply officer: Sign here.
Ruby signed the papers as (FN) picked up the two boxes and started to walk back. You noticed a small skip in her steps as she walked. You let out a little chuckle and caught her attention.
Ruby: What?
You: You.
Ruby: What about me?
You: You seem so… innocent. The twinkle in your eye when you saw them and now the slight skip as you walk. It’s hard to believe you in charge.
Ruby: Talk like that and I’ll have you spit shine the tank.
You: Yes Ma’am.
The two of you laughed a bit as they walked back. (FN) helped put the cookies in storage. Juane walked up and handed them there orders. (FN)’s first mission in this war.
(FN) was at the MG in the tank, Blake was driving, Ruby standing up and looking out of the tank, Yang at the gun and Weiss wa
:icondragonslayerman6:dragonslayerman6 27 56
Fireforger's Puzzleknot :iconqrumzsjem:Qrumzsjem 267 3
Ruby x Male Reader: Cookie Monster
(A/N): Here's another cooking oneshot everyone!
In the corridors of Beacon Academy, a young girl with a cloak of red skipped out of her team's dorm and turned down a hallway.
This was the day she was waiting for, the day she told (F/N) how she felt about him. No more awkward small talk or subtle hints, Ruby was going all out in preparation for today. Having planned everything prior, she had her mother's recipe of cookies in her possession. Thanks to her father (to who and Yang both approved of (F/N)), she spent the entire night reading over the recipe, eager to bake them with (F/N).
(F/N) was known across the academy for his appetizing dishes and desserts. Ever since the kitchen staff was relieved of duty for a few weeks due to the entire staff inflicted with sickness, the academy heavily relied on (F/N) and his team to prepare their daily courses, which was no problem to the young cook. He was virtually a one man army in the kitchen, wi
:iconshockblasttehgreat:shockblasttehgreat 30 13
Inktober Day 12 - Mimic :iconryzakier:Ryzakier 65 22



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